Cavus Nostra - Wurm Unlimited Server

Cavus Nostra is an Oceanic based Wurm Unlimited server hosted in Australia.

In our open world sandbox you can play in many ways and work on a large range of skills to let you build your online game life according to the things that appeal to you.

We have adjusted the original game a little to make that skilling less like having a real job, but still a challenge so you feel the achievement when you achieve your personal milestones.

You can labour alone or join others to work together and we will have server wide events open to all.

We welcome players from all over the world and ask only that players respect each other and interact in a civil way.

It's free... so come on in and have a look around!

(For more detailed info see 'About')

  • PvE
  • 3x Action rate
  • 3x Skill rate
  • No deed costs, no upkeep costs
  • 2048 x 2048 map size
  • Opened: 2017-10-06